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EM3 Canopy

 Electric Scooter EM3 Canopy

 Canopy 일체형 고성능 Three wheel Scooters

  • · Sensual Design의 leisure, delivery Model
  • · e-Transmission 장착으로 고성능 파워 제공
  • · Canopy 일체형의 안정적인 Three wheel 구조
  • · 다양한 ICT 융합기술 적용과 편리한 적재 공간 제공
  • · 대용량 Battery pack 장착을 위한 레이아웃 최적화


Item EM3 Canopy
General dimension Overall length(mm) 1,900
Overall width(mm) 660
Overall height (mm) 1,700
Wheel base (mm) 1,400
Number of passenger 1
Driving motor Rated output (kw) 3
Transmission Differential Intergral type 2 speed
Performance Maximum speed (km/h) 60
Climbing performance (%) 38
Mileage per battery charge (km) 100